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“Projected Dreams” is a cozy,
nostalgic puzzle game.

Disclaimer: This is a super old version of the demo which was made back in 2022.
For a better game experience, play the new one on Steam.

Fulfil the shadow girl's dreams by dragging the toys from the shelves and dropping them onto the table to create a shadow play. As the shadows you cast become real objects and the environment around you changes and evolves, the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

After exhibiting the game at Zürich PopCon 2022 and receiving a lot of positive feedback, we have decided to continue developing the game until its full release. Get updates on our social media channels and wishlist the game on Steam.

Wishlist on Steam

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Coding – Robin Good
Technical Artist – Lorenz Kleiser
3D Artist – Luca Imesch
2D Artist – Dana Senn
Music & Sound –
Floris Demandt

Originally made for Brackeys Game Jam

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorsaoyuna, LenzKleiser, Tondar, godor
TagsAtmospheric, Cozy, Cute, Dreams, Indie, Low-poly, Retro, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life

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Love the update, now even my dumb ass can solve the puzzle. 420/69


Pretty, very creative and I liked the wacky sound design 
The GPU load is rather high but I enjoyed the game 

Thank you so much for your feedback!!! <3


It's hard to spell it, keep jumping around, I struggled for a long time on the first level, but I haven't been successful, I'll be happy if you can play my game and give me some advice

I really like the art style but it was too laggy to really play, but it looks promising.

too hard


Love the style of the game! The silhouettes are challenging but rewarding when you finally manage to puzzle all the pieces together. 



This game was awesome until I couldn't place anything without it lagging away. Quickly fix this before time runs out!