I'm Sorry I'm Büsi Today!

This game was created in 2022 as part of the Production Days at the Zurich University of Arts, in the Game Design department. We were given the task of developing an easily accessible, asymmetrical multiplayer clicker game, inspired by the visual language of old dating shows. 

Based on this romantic background, we created the storyline in which a cat owner is preparing their flat for a nice date. Their crush is only a few minutes away from the flat when the owner realises that their cat has a completely different plan. Driven by jealousy, the animal begins to vomit hairballs all over the flat. Time is running out and love is at stake. 

Who will manage to redecorate the flat as they feel appropriate?
In an entertaining game, Cat Owner and the cat act against each other, interrupted only by a shop full of helpful upgrades.

The question remains:
who acts more tactically and WHO CLICKS FASTER?



Celine Neubig &
Andreas Strahm

Luca Imesch (Lead)
Dorias Schärer

Dana Senn (Lead)
Anja Irniger, Yoshi Zigerli,
Charisse Ann de Leon

Sound & Music:
Clara Georgi (Lead)
Dominik Stettler

Janosch Büchi (Lead)
Thanh Le, Jan Hobi, Yevhen Kozlov


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Good job :)

The game is fun but kind've confusing at first